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October 24, 2018



  • Final papers must be in English
  • Final Paper length is limited to 15 pages including the abstract, text, photos, and graphics.
  • Final paper submission is Optional.
  • ASCE/EWRI membership is encouraged, but not required for submission
  • Submitters whose abstact/paper are accepted for presentation are expected to register for and attend the Conference


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• Addressing Widespread Arsenic
Contamination in Aquifers
• Artificial Recharge of Aquifers
• Energy and Water
• Interbasin Transfer of Water
• Management of Contaminated Aquifers
• Privatization and Pricing in the Water
• Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers
• Water Supply and Sanitation
• Waterborne Pathogens and Disease

Modeling and GIS

• Advances in Hydrodynamic Modeling
• Data-Model Integration
• Ecological Modeling
• Environmental Modeling and Assessment
• Geographical Information Systems
• Numerical and Physical Modeling
• Modeling and GIS-Risk and Uncertainly
• Soft Computing and Data-driven
• Water Quality Modeling and Best Management Practices

Water Resources

• Conflict Resolution in Interstate and
International Water Disputes
• Development of Integrated Water
Resources Management Plans
• Irrigation Management and Land
• Socioeconomic Issues in Water
Resources Development
• Sustainable Urban and Rural Water
• Sustainable Water Resources
• Urban Watershed Restoration
• Wetlands Restoration and Protection

Emergency Response and Security

• Early Warning Systems and Disaster
• Prevention of Disasters from Industrial
• Water and Wastewater Systems
• Water Management for Food Security
• Flood, Drought and Pollution Early Warning Systems

Climate Change

•Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change:
Policy and Technology
• Effects of Climate Change on
Environmental and Water Resources
• Mitigation Strategies to Climate Change
Policy and Technology

Emerging Technologies

• Education, e-learning and global learning
• Emerging Technologies in Water,
Wastewater and Stormwater Treatment
• Innovative Technologies in Hazardous
Waste Management
• Radar Data Systems in Hydrology
• Remote Sensing

Solid Waste Management

Other Related Topics