University of the Andes in the Caribbean

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The 2018 International Perspectives on Water and the Environment (IPWE) will be held at the University of the Andes in the Caribbean. The university is located in Serena del Mar, an urban development project in the city of Cartagena, Colombia, 12 kilometers from its historic center. Its halls, collaborative work environments, offices, health services, cafeterias, welfare ares, and reading areas comprise its 3,000 m2.

Brandon Haw Architecture (BHA) is the firm designing the new building at the University of los Andes, which will feature a size increase up to 12,097 m2. This area is incorporating internal and external spaces to create collaborative work zones that frame the Caribbean landscape. Its design highlights the fins of concrete located according to the orientation and pattern of the sun's rays throughout the year, which will control the entrance of the Caribbean sun and create shadow spaces, while maintaining a view towards landscaping exterior of the building. It is a bioclimatic environment designed for local conditions.


Edificio Universidad de los Andes

Serena del Mar

Located at 12 kilometers from the Historic Center of Cartagena, Serena del Mar is a new city designed and planned by world leaders in urban planning and landscaping.
• 1,000 hectares, more than 70 percent of green areas, 30 kilometers of internal roads, 35 kilometers of bike paths, 16 kilometers of navigable channels and 1.6 kilometers of beaches make up the environment of Serena del Mar.
• More than 17,000 residential options designed for different styles and moments of life, from student alternatives to single-family homes and apartment complexes are integrated into recreational areas throughout the community.